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John & Jane Doe (1976)


Unidentified Persons

    On August 9, 1976, the bodies of an unidentified white mail and white female were discovered on a dirt road 1/2 mile from Interstate 95 and Highway 341 in Northeast Sumter County. Both victims were shot multiple times.

    The only potential identifiers found at the scene was a ring worn by the male that had the initials “JPF” inscribed. The ring was described as being of a Far Eastern design.

    Over the years, the fingerprints of both subjects have been periodically resubmitted to the FBI database to see if any new information may have been entered somewhere that may help solve their identities. In 2007, the bodies were exhumed by a team of our forensic investigators, then Coroner Verna Moore, agents from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) and forensic pathologists from Newberry Pathology to get samples to be submitted into the state, national and international DNA databases.


 John Doe (artist rendering)

Race:  White

Ht/Wt:  6'00" / 155 lbs

Hair:  Brown

Eyes:  Brown

Age:  Unknown

Other:  Ring inscribed with initials "JPF"




Jane Doe (artist rendering)

Race:  White

Ht/Wt:  5'05" / 105 lbs

Hair:  Brown

Eyes:  Brown/Green

Age:  Unknown

Other:  N/A



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