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Homicide of Missing Person

JOINT RELEASE - Sumter Police Department & Sumter County Sheriff's Office


    On August 22, 2012 shortly after 5:00pm, the Sumter County Sheriff's Office responded to Cane Savannah Rd., just off of SC highway 261 in Wedgefield, after an individual reported that while he was picking up cans from a ditch area he discovered what he believed to have been skeletal remains.

    Upon arrival, the responding deputy confirmed that the skeletal remains appeared to be that of a human. Upon further examination of the scene by the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Forensic unit, an ID card displaying the name of 18 year old Aaron Marquis Abraham was located.

    Aaron M. Abraham, a resident of 801 Boulevard Rd., Sumter, was reported missing to the Sumter City Police Department on July 22nd by his mother after he did not return home after leaving his residence on July19th. Aaron’s mother related that he was last seen by her on the morning of July 19th after he informed her he was going to the Sumter County Library on North Harvin Street. Detectives were able to determine that Aaron Abraham was observed on the library’s security video footage leaving at approx. 6:00pm on July 19th as the library closed. Abraham appeared to be alone as he exited the library.

    The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, having been familiar with the information regarding the missing person case being investigated by the Sumter City Police Department, notified the police department of the discovery. The Sumter County Coroner's office and the State Law Enforcement Division’s (SLED) Forensic team was notified and responded.

    An autopsy was conducted in Newberry on August 23rd regarding this incident, pending proper identification.

    On this date, August 24th, around 12:00 pm, positive identification was made by the Newberry pathologist confirming that the remains found are that of missing 18 year old Aaron M. Abraham.

    Manner of death in this case has been determined to be death by Homicide.

    This incident has been upgraded from a Missing Persons investigation to a Homicide.

    Both the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office and the Sumter City Police Department, along with the assistance of SLED, will be working this incident to determine who is responsible for the death of Aaron Abraham.

    “Our agencies will both aggressively investigate this incident and will work together to exhaust all potential leads. We need the public’s help. We’re confident someone has key information that will bring closure to this case”, said Sumter Police Chief Russell Roark and Sheriff Anthony Dennis.

    Anyone who may have seen Aaron Marquis Abraham or may have information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Sumter Police Department or the Sumter County Sheriff's Office at (803) 436-2700 or Crime Stoppers at (803) 436- 2718.

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