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** Daytime Burglary Alert **

   The Sumter County Sheriff's Office has been receiving a significant increase in reports of daytime burglaries in the northwestern area of the county. The increase has primarily been seen in the 441 and Statesburg communities with most of the burglaries having been committed between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm. The suspects pretend to be broken down on the side of the road in front of residences and knocking on doors for help. In actuality they are trying to determine who is home before attempting to make entry. Several witnesses in the area have seen a tan/beige over burgundy 1990's pickup and a silver 4-door sedan together on the side of the road around the time of several of these incidents.

  We ask that if you see these or any other suspicious vehicles in the area, especially on the side of the road, to please call us immediately to investigate. If anyone knocks on your door claiming they are broken down, do not open the door. Instead, yell through the door and advise them that you will call 911 for them and then call us.

  If you have information on previous incidents that may help us, please call our Criminal Investigations Division at 803-436-2000.