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Citizen Community Relations Advisory Board Information

  In response to the recently announced plans to implement a community relations advisory board comprised of members of the Sumter community, we will begin accepting candidate applications immediately. If you are interested in being considered for the council you will need to complete a background release form (download here) and submit it along with a resume and cover letter to fdukes@sumtercountysc.org.


The board will be comprised based on the following guidelines and requirements:

The Board shall consist of ten volunteer (10) members, who shall serve without remuneration, appointed by the Sheriff as follows:

1)    One person serving in the educational community;

2)    One liaison person from Shaw Air Force Base;

3)    One person representing the faith-based community;

4)    One person employed by or serving on the board of the Chamber of Commerce or Development Board;

5)    Five (5) citizens-at-large, residing in various geographic regions of the county, so as to provide representation and input from a broad cross-section of the Sumter County community (including not more than one member who resides within the municipal limits of the City of Sumter).

6)    One high-school student from a high school within Sumter County, who must be a junior at the time he/she is recommended, who will be a rising senior at the beginning of the next academic year.  Notwithstanding any other provisions herein, the student board member appointed under this item shall only serve one term on the board.

7)    All members must meet the following qualifications prior to being appointed:

-       At least eighteen (18) years of age (except the high school student appointed under item 6, who must be 17 or older at the time of his/her appointment)

-       A resident of Sumter County for at least one year prior to appointment (this requirement may be waived for the Shaw AFB appointment under item 2).

-       No outstanding criminal warrants.

Must pass a criminal background check showing the prospective member does not have a record of criminal convictions for any felony, any crime of violence, or any crime of moral turpitude as that term has been defined by the South Carolina courts.  Petit misdemeanors and minor traffic violations will not necessarily disqualify a prospective member from being appointed, particularly if such offenses are remote in time.


For the full details of the board you can download the document here. If you are interested and meet the guidelines you can go here to download the application. Once you have completed it, please be sure to email both the application and your resume to Mrs Felisha Dukes.