Emergency: 911        Non-Emergency: (803) 436-2774
Location: 1281 North Main Street, Sumter, SC 29153
     Mailing: P.O. Box 430, Sumter, SC 29151

Codes Enforcement

Codes Enforcement 1 Codes Enforcement

The Codes Enforcement Division consists of two full-time deputies who respond to calls about litter, overgrown yards, excessive yard debris and junk collection on private property. Investigations can result in warnings, citations and/or notices, and fines range from $25 - $1000 plus jail or community service.  This division uses surveillance cameras in some “high litter” areas in an attempt to identify and subsequently charge offenders. 

A common issue in Sumter County is the illegal dumping of trash outside recycling centers when they are closed.  This is a prosecutable offense.  

For Sumter County Recycling Center hours go to  Sumter Recycling Center.

To report a codes violation, call (803) 436-2056 or (803) 436-2237.

Codes Enforcement does not have jurisdiction over structures such as houses and campers.