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Annual Boys & Girls Youth Conference

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We at Sumter County Sheriff’s Office are aware of the perplexed decisions our youth are challenged with today and how those decisions can affect the rest of their lives.  Considering the potential severity of those decisions, we have made a commitment to offer local youth positive alternatives to drugs, gang activity, criminal activity and other delinquent behaviors through our Boys and Girls Youth, Incorporated program.

The mission of Boys & Girls Youth, Incorporated is to enhance character building and leadership skills that promote productive lifestyles while maintaining a healthy and safe environment for personal growth and development.  With dedication to providing quality services, Boys & Girls Youth, Incorporated will maximize the use of its resources to provide services for the youth as they transform into responsible citizens. 

The program expressly entails educational sessions, conferences and training activities all aimed at creating a sense of community and possibility among young people. It seeks to reinforce those things that will make our youth responsible adults and become productive members of society. 

Established in 2007 under the umbrella of the Boys and Girls Youth, Incorporated program, our office also hosts annual conferences titled Boys To Men and Girls To Women. Over the years, our conferences have grown tremendously and we are pleased to say that we have seen much success with participants.  We could not have anticipated the impact they have had thus far on the youth of Sumter County and the surrounding counties. 

Boys and Girls Youth, Inc. is a 501c3 arm of Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.